Fleas are wingless, blood sucking parasites that are well known for the inflammation they create us and our pet dogs. Despite the fact that the fleas that are usually encountered in the metropolitan environment are more thinking about our fuzzy good friends compared to in people, flea bites on humans are not unheard of. It’s a relatively accepted truth that if you’re a pet dog owner, you’re possibly going to experience flea attacks at some factor.

Here is an awesome YT video on flea bites:

Of course, individuals who do not own pet dogs are not entirely secure from the focus of this small parasite. Fleas are incredibly hardy animals, specifically in their pupae phase where they can make it through in extreme atmospheres for long period of times without any meals. It’s a typical scary tale among individuals that relocate in to new the homes of be unexpectedly attacked by a crowd of fleas. This is because the returned visibility of warm-blooded individuals promote fleas to hatch out from their protective cocoons for their initial blood meal. All this could develop without a puppy visible! Maybe it’s not such a bad suggestion to flea bomb your brand-new house before you move in, merely in instance the previous owners had a flea problem.

So exactly how can you inform whether you’re the main dish for this well-known little blood-sucker? Observe the symptoms.

 I will be posting the answer in a couple days, what do you think?